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At the intersection of disability and library work

#CripLib  is a hashtag used when discussing the intersection of disability and libraries,

predominantly by library and archives workers with disabilities. It is written #CripLib (with capitals) for screen reader accessibility.

#CripLib chats occur each month on a topic related to working in LIS professions while living with disability. Chats are on the third Tuesday of each month. See the Upcoming Chats page for times.

Disability defined

Disability is an “inherently relational, social matter; it is something that happens, over and over, in interactions among people”

(Kumbier & Starkey, 2016).

Any LIS professional that identifies as living with a disability is welcome to share their experiences during the #CripLib chats. This includes LIS workers living with chronic health conditions. Non-disabled individuals are invited to participate in #CripLib chats as well in order to learn how to best support their colleagues with disabilities.

For the purposes of our discussions, we understand disability as an experience that is “shaped by social, cultural, historic, political, and economic factors…[that] impact people’s lived experience of impairment” (Kumbier & Starkey, 2016).

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